Month: August 2014

Over the Mantelpiece.

This painting “A Summered Garden” is one of my favourite paintings, recently painted a few weeks ago. As such, it takes “pride of place” above the living room mantelpiece, beside my recent portrait of my husband and a small photo of our wedding, although Hattie, one of my […]

My Attic Art Studio

I work mainly from my attic art studio as the sky light enables me to paint most of the day, normally from 6.30 am onwards. When the light fades I switch on a combination of blue artificial “day” lights so that I can squeeze a bit more painting […]

Puffin Paradise

My recent return to painting after a week away saw me follow up my Puffins series of paintings – these are Pop Art type paintings of these lovely birds. The last Puffin painting “Puffin Paradise” sold after a few days! If only they all went that quickly  eh? […]

Puffin in the Pink

I have been off holidaying in the Black Mountains which are part of the Brecon Beacons National Park and did not paint for a whole week which was very difficult. I am sure I was experiencing withdrawal like symptoms. Anyway I am back and in the groove with […]

Amelia and the Maroon Cat

Last week I painted a birthday present for my lovely niece “Amelia and the Maroon Cat”. I wanted to paint something that a teenager might like, which was kinda pop art and a little bit funky, something that showed Amelia’s personality but at the same time wasn’t a faithful […]