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Born in Hereford, educated in Cardiff, I am a self-taught,  professional Swansea-based artist, specializing in oil paintings.

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I have exhibited in various galleries, online galleries, in print and on digital LED screens throughout London, UK.


I have one of the top best selling artists on Artfinder over the last two years and have sold widely on other online galleries. I have sold several hundred pieces of artwork online.


I have had hundreds of happy artloving customers before and my artwork hangs in homes across the world and in numerous countries.


I love light and colour. In my art I am drawn to light and shadows and how they shape our emotions. I remember visiting the South of France as a teenager and being mesmerized by the dazzling light, I have been attempting to capture that excitement about light in my paintings ever since.

I try and make my colours bold and bright but as realistic as possible. I aim to make people look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary beauty in it.

I offer a personalised approach to art for business and I sell affordable, original and limited edition art works to companies across the globe.


Whether you would like a single piece for your office or boardroom, or are looking for larger numbers for a hotel or restaurant chain, I can help provide the right art for you.

With all customers, I take absolute care in wrapping paintings and Giclee Prints for delivery to artlovers.

Giclee Prints are sent in postage office cardboard tubes – these are limited edition prints of either 100 or 150 – so the number of the edition will be written along with the artist’s signature at the bottom of the Giclee print.


The paintings are wrapped securely in bubble wrap and cardboard packaging. All paintings also have a Certificate of Authenticity.

Most of my paintings are sold unframed. This is to lower the delivery costs. If the paintings have been framed it will be stated.
Framing is quite a personal matter but please free to  contact me regarding a choice of frame for your work.



Use of light – In my paintings the effect of light is often ‘heightened’ and similar to the sophisticated, precise ‘Pixar’ like animated light. I seek to paint the ‘experience’ of light on colour and form.

tenby tide

To achieve this requires the heightening of the effect of light otherwise light can often be dampened or subdued by the absorbing colours. I am much more interested in how light invigorates, resonates, generates or dare I say it animates colour and form, rather than simply dressing it.

This effect is underscored by my use of drawing lines around colours and form, as with the fauvists, and others have suggested this too gives off an animated feel or quality.

penmaen bend

I want colour to be the product of being generated, animated by light as if light was the genesis of colour. Thus light creates the colour in a sense rather than colour simply being illuminated by it.

Use of colour –  An example of one of my colouring techniques  I use is a technique I have named  ‘refractionist’ as it is a ‘stain glass window’ effect of breaking down the light into different colours in the similar way light is ‘broken’ into separate colours in a spectrum – for examples please see “In the light Refracted” (below) and “Fractured Light”.

the light refracted


A spectral effect would also be apt. It is about breaking down the effect of light, usually sunlight, on colour into ‘component’ pieces of colour.


singing ringing tree

inner light


Here are some other examples of my “refractionist paintings”


cloisionnist lane


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