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New York, New York!

I am delighted to say I have just SOLD this oil painting “Umbrella Flowers” via Artfinder.

It is now going to be living in New York, New York, USA

“An expressionist oil painting of some cow parsley flowers craning their necks to the sun to catch a fragment of some nourishing summer light as it peeks and shoots through the trees and bushes in the background. I love the way cow parley catches the light in it’s lacy petals. It’s delicacy the very expression of summer calm and heat. They seem to stretch their flowery fingers to the sun in exaltation. In praise of summer.”


2 thoughts on “New York, New York!

  1. Voor bloemen is er altijd een plekje in mijn hart.Wat een prachtig,dromerig resultaat maakt dit werk in me los.

    1. Thank you for your comments – I go through phases with flowers, sometimes I like to paint them and others I lose interest.

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