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Snow, snow, everywhere but here.

In the Brecon Beacons it has snowed. In Stroud, where my parents live, it has snowed. Here? Nope. We had about ten minutes of sleet yesterday morning and that’s it.  That’s what you get for living next to the sea, mild winters and damp summers.

winter beacons
Winter Beacons

The last time it snowed here was about 7 years ago. I’ve been a long time waiting.

I love watching snow falling out the sky. I like to stand outside and look up into the sky and watch the flakes tumbling one after another down to the ground. I love the muffled sound and the creaking sound under foot. But its not to be *sigh*. It’s just not the same with rain!

Winter Snow on Mumbles
Wintery Mumbles c. 2010

9 thoughts on “Snow, snow, everywhere but here.

  1. On the Belgian coast it’s chaos 10 -15 cm snow,a lot of people does have electicité and after 19 houres there are no buses more

  2. That’s interesting. People (newspapers really) criticise this country for not being good at coping with snow but we don’t have it very often. We have schools shut and buses cancelled and electricity cut off (it it is VERY cold right now). Also in Wales the hills make life very slippery and dangerous. Keep warm in Belgian!

  3. It is snowing here tonight. Not a hard driving snow or a blizzard just a gentle light snow and we will have 5-10 cm by morning. Very pretty. Maybe you will get some before Christmas.

    1. How lovely for you. The snow falls on the mountains to the north (hence wintery Brecon Beacons) and there’s nothing left for us on the coast! I’ll just have to take comfort from the fact that it’s not quiet as freezing here as other parts of the country.

      1. Well we got the snow overnight. Very pretty here in the country but Toronto is a mess even with the 600 snowplows out and there have been HGV Trucks jack-kniffing off the main motorways. So pretty for me but so much for others. Only -10 degrees so not too brutally cold.

  4. I love snow in the rural area which is my home. Not so much in the city, though. It’s exhilarating to watch the snow fall in the city, but by the next day or two it has turned gray, dirty and ugly. Where I live it will stay nice and white until it has all melted away. We were supposed to get a lot last night, but so far only maybe 3 inches on the ground. 3-8 inches forecast for today, but it’s after noon and I’m still waiting. We’ll see…tomorrow I need to get over to that cottage to take some snow shots for version 4, which will be the last one. Plan is to go near sunset, to get some light in the sky but mostly dark with the house itself streaming light out the windows. Hope it works!

  5. Good luck with that – I have enjoyed thinking about all that snow! You are right snow in cities can be grim, especially for the elderly.

  6. Really terrific work!

  7. Thank you!

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