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January Special Offers on Art

January Sale on Emma Cownie Paintings

I have a number of special offers on paintings on my artweb website at the moment. This is the first special offer event I have held on my website. There is a wide selection to choose from; oil paintings of landscapes, animal & people paintings, still lifes and interiors. These special offers are for the month of January only. I also accept payment by installments (email me to discuss terms).

January Sale on Emma Cownie Paintings
Special Offers on Emma Cownie Paintings

Details of the offers are on in the descriptions below each painting.

Double click on the red links below to browse each category.

Landscape paintings 

Streetscape paintings

Animals & People 

Still life and Interior Paintings 

There is also free global shipping on everything on my site.

Painting of Pobbles Bay, Gower
October on Pobbles Bay


3 thoughts on “January Special Offers on Art

  1. Hello Emma! We hope that you are having a great day. We really enjoy reading your blogs and that is why we nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. We hope you are happy to receive this as we were! Please check it out Thank you for supporting us and being a friend always! Your paintings are always a pleasure to see!

    1. Well, thank you! Gosh, I was wondering what to blog about this week, so that solves that one.

      1. Wonderful! We will look forward to seeing your answers to our questions and who your nominees are. Have a great week!

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