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It’s All About Me!

Emma Cownie Exhibition
Me at the Glynn Vivian, Swansea

I was born in Hereford, and educated in Cardiff. I am a professional artist, specializing in oil paintings of the landscapes of Wales and Donegal, Ireland. I have exhibited in various galleries, online galleries, in print and on digital LED screens throughout London, UK.


I have one of the top best selling artists on Artfinder over the last five years and have sold widely on other online galleries. I have sold hundreds of  pieces of artwork online. I have had hundreds of happy collectors and my artwork hangs in homes across the world and in numerous countries.


I love light and colour. In my art, I am drawn to light and shadows and how they shape our emotions. I remember visiting the South of France as a teenager and being mesmerized by the dazzling light, I have been attempting to capture that excitement about light in my paintings ever since.

A Gap in the Clouds
A Gap in the Clouds (Gower)

I try and make my colours bold and bright but as realistic as possible. I aim to make people look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary beauty in it.

I offer a personalised approach to art for business and I sell affordable, original and limited edition artworks to companies, such as John Lewis, across the globe.


Whether you would like a single piece for your office or boardroom, or are looking for larger numbers for a hotel or restaurant chain, I can help provide the right art for you.

The paintings are wrapped securely in bubble wrap and cardboard packaging. All paintings also have a Certificate of Authenticity. Most of my paintings are sold unframed. This is to lower delivery costs. If the paintings have been framed it will be stated. 


In my paintings the effect of light is often ‘heightened’ and similar to the sophisticated, precise ‘Pixar’ like animated light. I seek to paint the ‘experience’ of light on colour and form.

Donegal Painting
From Cruit Island, Ireland

To achieve this requires the heightening of the effect of light otherwise light can often be dampened or subdued by the absorbing colours. I am much more interested in how light invigorates, resonates, generates or dare I say it animates colour and form, rather than simply dressing it. This effect is underscored by my use of drawing lines around colours and form, as with the fauvists, and others have suggested this too gives off an animated feel or quality.

Over To The Lighthouse And Pier
Over to the light house and Pier (Mumbles)

I want colour to be the product of being generated, animated by light as if light was the genesis of colour. Thus light creates the colour in a sense rather than colour simply being illuminated by it.

Donegal painting of house on Arranmore

Rusty Roofed House (Arranmore)

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Not a Bridge Too Far!

Delighted to say I have just SOLD this oil painting “Ilston Brook Bridge via Artfinder a few days after adding it to my collection –


Large limited edition mounted prints can be bought here

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Buying Artwork Directly From Emma Cownie Art!


Please contact me if you would like to buy  any of my paintings.



Each work sold is wrapped securely in bubble wrap and cardboard packaging. Most artworks will be sent via Royal Mail or via  Parcel Force depending on the size of the painting. Each package will have a tracking number so that you can track progress of the delivery. Each oil painting will also have a Certificate of Authenticity enclosed.

Most paintings are sold unframed unless otherwise stated.

I can accept payment via Bacs (bank transfer), Paypal, credit card, cheques or cash.  I am also happy to accept part payments over several months.

Please also contact me via my email for more details about purchasing and paying for artworks in any of the ways mentioned above  –

or contact my agent by telephone on 07827574904.

I am also selling my artwork direct to collectors via my website here – just a click away!

Here is an example of the payment process on my website – simply click the “Add to Cart” button and the relevant postage will be automatically calculated and added (there are different postage rates for oil paintings and Giclee or Paper  prints) – then you can choose to pay via Paypal or credit/debit card.

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My Attic Art Studio


At Work in my Attic Art Studio

At present I work  mainly from my attic art studio as the sky light enables me to paint most of the day, normally from 6.30 am onwards. It is also warmer than my newly built garden studio which I am sure will come into it’s own in Spring and Summer.

At present it is too cold and glum, plus my husband is planning to cut  and lay huge boulders as rustic garden steps in the next few weeks.  I will be using Clearwell boulders from the Forest of Dean and buying the stone from a company called Wyestone in Herefordshire which recently supplied stone to the Chelsea Flower Show and also featured on Alan Titchmarsh’s “Love our Garden”.

In fact, the waney edge wooden cladding on my new garden art studio is from The Old Mill Yard in Carmarthenshire which also featured on a television program recently when the timber yard was featured on George Clarke’s “Amazing Spaces”.


When the light fades in my attic art studio I switch on a combination of blue artificial “day” lights so that I can squeeze a bit more painting time in the evening too. My house and art studio overlook two parks, Singleton and Brynmill, here in Swansea, Wales. I can hear swans, ducks, various birds from my attic studio as well as magpies, seagulls and ravens scurrying across the tiled roof of the house. I love the sounds of nature and the sounds of children playing as I paint. It is very relaxing and conducive to painting, listening to these sounds amid the bustle of a city.

Hopefully I will be even more immersed in the sounds of nature from my new studio.



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The Back Lane Gallery – Opening Soon!

This is a mock “How to….” video detailing the steps in building an art studio/gallery in one’s back garden.

As I need more room to paint (I paint in my attic art studio at present) as my paintings get increasingly bigger, my husband project managed the building of an art complex at our home so that artlovers can visit for a private viewing of my artwork in the art gallery and also buy paintings, prints and so on from his log cabin office.

I have sold dozens of pieces of artwork this way and really enjoy meeting artlovers who love my artwork. Having a viewing space is designed to help artlovers make that final decision about buying my artwork.

It also helps some artlovers to meet the artist and to get to know who they will be buying art from. It all adds to the enriching experience of buying art.

Artlovers also often like to hear about the inspiration behind certain paintings and this brings the artwork to life. Although my paintings are professionally photographed some artlovers simply like to see the paintings in front of their very eyes. If you want to book a date to visit me at my home then contact me and arrange an appointment. We will be happy to see you!

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My Guest Blog On Artweb!



Emma Cownie is an artist based in Swansea. To see more of her work, please visit her website at

Using Video As A Promotional Tool

I wanted to promote my artwork in a different manner to the promotion normally done by Art Galleries. I wanted to promote it while at the same time promoting the idea of buying artwork via online galleries, especially those such as my own art website on… so I came up with the idea of promoting artwork via a YouTube video.

“Up Your Street!?”

I then tried to work out a pitch, or a ‘hook’ if you like, linking online galleries with the fact that, generally, I ship artwork to art-lovers to places as far away as Australia (a popular destination for my work), via the postal service.

Then I came across this image sent to me by another online gallery, with whom I have an online collection:


I thought instantly about how we artists send artwork around the world and how metaphorically, via postal services, we are posting from one street to another.

We are all a global village of artists and art-lovers, and we are all on the same street in a sense. Then I thought as I looked up the street in this image that I am delivering artwork to art-lovers who like my artwork, so in terms of slang, my artwork must be “up their street.”

From there I thought to myself, so if we are all on the “same street” in this global village/market, where would you be likely to find my work on this “street”?

Implementing The Concept…

So for this idea, I decided my video should go through all the places on a street that you might find my work, such as online galleries on your PC, laptop, iPad or Smartphone, to real life galleries, to LED lights, to advertising screens, to displayed on banners, in newspaper print, to delivered giclee prints. I then went on to show areas in one’s home where you would find my artwork, such as over the mantelpiece etc. The video concludes with suggesting that wherever you find my artwork, I hope you find it “up your street”. This double meaning or promotional “hook” and will hopefully make you think twice – that if you like my artwork, potentially it will find it’s way, literally up your street… in other words you like it enough to buy and have it posted to you!

The video is here!


Generally I think it is useful to use video as a promotional tool because you can show a lot of your artwork in a very short space of time, and if accompanied by music, it can heighten the enjoyment of looking at one’s artwork. I have had some great feedback on the video with some art-lovers watching it over and over again. I chose this song, because it had the refrain “I fall in love with the light” which reminded me of Derain’s “the substance of painting is light.”


Here are some snippets for the video “storyboard”:

From online galleries …


to real life galleries…

in LED lights…


to advertising screens…


displayed on banners…


in print…

or in giclee print…


On rustic walls or smooth…


… I hope you find my artwork ‘up your street’!?