Painting of Wild flowers


I have sold two Glicee prints of this very popular painting “WildFlowers” – I am also in the process of selling the original artwork via my instalment scheme  which I offer to artlovers in order to make quality art available to all at affordable prices! 

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The Abbot’s Gate

This painting is of the Abbot’s gate which leads via various steps, up a steep incline to the side of Caldey Monastery on Caldey Island, off Tenby, West Wales. The steps lead to the Abbot’s Chapel which is a wonderful wooden-paneled chapel, used seldomly and usually on special…

Up Cwmdonkin

Another ‘refractionist’ painting. The title takes it’s name from the actual park, Cwmdonkin Park, which is where the poet and composer of words Dylan Thomas walked an displayed as a child and adolescent, maybe imagined and constructed as a young man, and dreamed big dreams. His family home…

Winter Lane

The mix of the vibrant lime green and the greys with the light wispish grey of the sky are meant to provide a frission between more so-called rich vibrant alive colours and those usually associated with being drab, boring, muncipal; to express that heightened feeling of energy and…