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Art Exhibition July 2013

I will be exhibiting for 2-3 weeks in Noah’s Yard, Uplands, Swansea starting on the 23rd July 2013 – this is the opening night and you are all invited to the opening do! Noah has kindly given me his main brick wall to play with so I will be exhibiting at least 12 pieces of artwork for a few weeks. It would be lovely to see you there particularly on the opening night on the 23rd JulyImage

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Down Cwmdonkin

This is an example of my ‘refractionist’ technique at work as I build up the painting, first from breaking down a photo into areas of colour, which I sketch in as mainly black and white, gently adding colours that I feel will represent light on colour at different depths of perception. Then I add to these ‘segments’ individual colours, reflecting light being refracted on different areas and at different distances. Slowly I build up these complementary spectral colours, constantly having to retreat some distance from the canvas to inspect the painting to see if it is coming together or being constructed in a coherently plausibe way. Each segment helps construct the perception of the scene, in this case, building up a picture of a path through a park. In fact, this park is Cwmdonkin Park where the great poet and composer of words, Dylan Thomas used to walk as a boy and young man. His family home is minutes away, hugging the side of this park. The final painting is quite expressionist but also conveys a spectral, refracted light spectrum hence the name ‘refractionist’ as it is the combination of light falling on various materials at different distances that I am attempting to ‘express’ or as my sister, described it, a ‘stain glass’ effect. This is apt as I love paintings that somehow expresses the extraordinary in the ordinary, the supra natural in the natural, the divine in the mundane, hence the spectral feeling I am attempting to communicate through the painting. The fleeting moment of wonder or awe when we walk into a sunlit and stain glassed church almost.

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Abstract Landscape

This painting is  a painting technique that I have been developing over the last 6-9 months. It is a style I call “Abstract Landscape”.  It is about breaking down the effect of light, usually sunlight, on colour into ‘component’ pieces of colour. For example in this painting “Fractured Light” which is essentially sunlight spilling through a woodland grove, the yellow or lime green leaves represent the light peeping through the top leaves of the various trees and the blue light suggest sky-hued light around edges of leaves as well as illustrating light falling in the distance, providing a depth of perception in the painting. It is a very difficult, time consuming technique at times. First one has to find a suitable photographed image and then this image has to be deconstructed into combined segements of colour and light. The style is also difficult and sore on my brain as it is almost as if I am painting a pre-perception stage of vision itself. By this I mean, that it is similar to the pre-construction phase that is said to occur when we actually construct perception, as perception is constructed not an automatic process. So in looking at this painting our brain can both enjoy the painting and also ‘construct’ our woodland groves in our own minds. It would be interesting if we could tell if all the images we construct are similar or are all differentially marked by our own perceptions and experiences. Image