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Post Peter Pug

“Peter Pug” has left home to go and live with the newly weds Tasha and Adam Neil over in Coleraine, Northern Ireland – I am sure he will be very happy in his new home and family! 🙂

Peter Pug


Here he is in Northern Ireland checking the place out, while he waits  on his new owners to decide where to put him.


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Winter Sunshine – Gower ponies


winter sunsihine
Winter Sunshine (SOLD)


This oil painting is of two sun-bathed Gower ponies which roam the common land of Gower Pensinsula near Swansea in Wales, UK. It is great having ponies, horses, sheep and cows (even young bulls!) roaming this diverse countryside, walking pretty much wherever they fancy or so it seems. I am blessed to live near it all. I have tried try to catch the beauty, calm and peacefulness of these beautiful animals.

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Queen Cow in all Her Majesty!

Queen Cow

It is a poor image on an iphone but news of my artwork has arrived on the streets of London. I have recently been asked to join a select group of artists on a website called which will advertise the artwork of various artists throughout west and north London via these big LED digital screens. This is a really exciting and innovative venture and will show how effective these screens are in promoting artists. The official launch date is mid October so I will keep you posted and leave you with the first image thus far, of Queen Cow in all her Majesty!

unnamed (13)
Queen Cow in London


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Puffin Paradise

My recent return to painting after a week away saw me follow up my Puffins series of paintings – these are Pop Art type paintings of these lovely birds. The last Puffin painting “Puffin Paradise” sold after a few days! If only they all went that quickly  eh? I like doing them, they are fun to paint; fresh, simply and colourful. They kind of make you smile! 

Puffin Paradise
Puffins (SOLD)
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Puffin in the Pink – Pop Art puffin

I have been off holidaying in the Black Mountains which are part of the Brecon Beacons National Park and did not paint for a whole week which was very difficult.

I am sure I was experiencing withdrawal like symptoms.

Anyway I am back and in the groove with a new painting “Puffin in the Pink”.

Puffin in the Pink
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Amelia and the Maroon Cat

Last week I painted a birthday present for my lovely niece “Amelia and the Maroon Cat”. I wanted to paint something that a teenager might like, which was kinda pop art and a little bit funky, something that showed Amelia’s personality but at the same time wasn’t a faithful depiction of her face and looks. A painting that painted an impression of her. The cat is my mother’s cat, Tiffany .   The painting is taken from an awkwardly captured “selfie and cat”. Tiffany looks less than happy with this arrangement! IMG_9413