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Paintings of Cardiff, Wales

The Sight, Smells and Sound of Art

Back to Cardiff again to see some more art and collect my paintings from the madeinroath festival. The madeinroath 2017 festival has Art has installations/happenings across almost 80 different locations across the suburb of Roath, Cardiff.  The wonderful thing is that it’s all free to visit. The weather […]

Cardiff Festival launch

Cardiff is a city that embraces change and it embraces art. Everywhere you go massive murals are tucked into corners, whether in the city centre or in the terraces of Roath. It gives the city a great feeling of vibrancy. Not all of the street art was official. […]

Towards Radisson Blu

“Towards Radisson Blu” This is the first of a series of urbanscapes in which I paint cities other than my home city of Swansea. Here we start with a city close to me, Cardiff. There will be urban cityscapes to follow of London and New York, among others. […]

Still Undecided?

Latest in the “Pies” series “Still Undecided?” “This is the third in the “Pies series” after “Before the Rush” and “That Moment of Indecision” which have both sold on Artfinder. Here our everyman protagonist is joined by the fleeting, shooting looks of a passer-by, also briefly considering whether […]

That Moment of Indecision

A new oil painting, “That Moment of Indecision” This is an oil painting capturing that should I/shouldn’t I? moment of indecision. The decision here is whether to have a delicious pie from this excellent PIES shop or to walk on virtuously having not added any more to one’s […]

Weighing it Up

  A new oil painting – “Weighing it Up” – down Cardiff market. This Hopperesque painting is of the fish market at the Hayes entrance to Cardiff Market. I have always loved the glaring artificial light above this fish stall. It creates some lovely colours and a pleasing […]

After the Rush

  Delighted to say I have just SOLD this oil painting “Before the Rush” via Artfinder “This is an oil painting of the interior of the eatery “PIES” on St Mary Street Cardiff, in a lull period before the anticipated rush of customers to come. I was drawn into […]