I also paint commissions of animals and places, such as your home, your gardens, or a favourite landscapes.

Contact me with the high quality photographic image you would like me to paint and we can discuss details from there.

2016-02-19 19.39.53

Example of commissioned work

The rates for a commission are listed below and are rated both per size of the canvas and the complexity of the image to be painted.

I used the finest artist’s quality oil paints and linen canvases.

The prices per canvas size are normally

50×60 cm – £255-“95

50×70 cm – £305 – £345

80×60 – £346 – £395

Prices include free UK & Worldwide postage

I am happier to paint larger or even smaller canvases. Please email me to discuss your requirements


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digger 2

“Digger” example of commissioned work



Australian Golf Course – example of commissioned work

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