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A commissioned painting is specifically made just for you. It’s something extra special, that you will have forever.  It’s made with high-quality artists’ oil paints and typically on linen canvas. It is a complete journey in making, that you will have and enjoy for a lifetime.

If you would like to commission a painting, just send me an email at

The rates for a commission are listed below and are rated both per size of the canvas and the complexity of the image to be painted.

The prices per canvas size are normally

60×50 cm – £295      (Approx 19.68 x 23.6 inches – US $380)
70×50 cm – £345     (Approx 19.68 x 27.5 inches – US $445)
80×60 cm – £450     (Approx 31.49 x 23.6 inches – US $582)
100×80 cm – £650   (Approx 39.49 x 31.49 inches – US $840)

Prices include free Global Shipping

I am happy to paint larger or even smaller canvases.

Or if you prefer, complete the form below;

Click here to read about how a commissioned piece was painted from several source photos.


Australian Golf Course – an example of commissioned work

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