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A commissioned painting is a painting made specifically for you. It’s something extra special, that you will have forever.  It’s made with high-quality artists’ oil paints and typically on linen canvas. It is a complete journey in making, that you will have and enjoy for a lifetime.

If you would like to commission a painting, just send me an email at emmafcownie@gmail.com

Turn around time is usually 3-4 weeks, often less.

The rates for a commission are listed below and are rated both per size of the canvas and the complexity of the image to be painted. I use linen canvases which may have to be ordered,  this can take up to two-three weeks

The prices per canvas size are normally (as a guide only, as I do not have all sizes in stock)

41x33cm -£245 (16″x 13″ approx)

55x46cm – £375 (21″x 18″ approx)

65x54cm – £425 (25″ x 21″)

50x70cm – £495   (30″x20″)

60×80 cm – £595    (31″x23.5″ approx)

100x50cm £625 (23.5″ x 30″ approx)

100x70cm – £795 (23.5″x 20″ approx)

100×80 cm – £895  (23.5″x 39″ approx)

I am happy to paint larger canvases* – please contact to discuss details.

I also paint acrylic paint on wood panels – please contact me for further details.

Commission of a painting of a spaniel
Progress of a painting commission


The Brief – send me an outline of what you are looking for in your commission; i.e. size, subject matter, and include as many good quality reference photos as you can.  I can edit or combine images on request. If its a pet portrait, what sort of background would you like?

Logistics – Timescale, is this work a present for a special event? A custom painting can be a unique gift for a loved one. I will need to know special dates well in advance so there is plenty of time for the work to thoroughly dry before it is packed and shipped.

Deposit – I will need a deposit usually £100, this is to cover the materials and any design work, such as sketches or other mockups.

Final review – You will be sent images of the final painting. I finish my work by painting a neutral colour around the edges so the painting is ready to hang. Your work will be shipped and a tracking number provided.

That’s it. Sit back and admire your painting for years to come.

Get in touch to discuss ideas.

Email emmafcownie@gmail.com

Don’t just take my word for it. Read what happy collectors say about my work. 

Galway Hooker
Galway Hooker