Drink Football Special (Ramelton, Donegal)


Oil on linen canvas, 73 x 50 cm, unframed

The factory doors were once red, but have faded in the light to a pinkish hue.

McDaid’s original Football Special factory in Ramelton, Donegal. Edward McDaid, the CEO of the company, was also on the founding board of Swilly Rovers FC, twice winners of the FAI Junior Cup, and, as such, wanted to celebrate winning trophies by filling the cup with a non-alcoholic beverage.. They created a drink which has a beer-like foamy head and named it ‘Football Cup’, which later was changed to Football Special. It’s a delicious fruity fizzy drink that is well-loved in Donegal, so much so that some newly married couples pose for their wedding photos by the doors of the building. It’s not just the people of Donegal who love this drink, it won two awards for excellence in 1984 and 1989 from the London Beverage Society.

Read more about it here.

ORIGINAL ART BY Emma Cownie – Finest quality oil paintings on linen canvas –Only the highest quality archival fine art grade oil paints are used on the surface.

READY TO HANG – Edges of the canvas are painted so the Art is ready to hang without a frame if required.

SHIPPING – Art is professionally packaged and shipped within 5 working days. Tracking Code provided.

My work is featured in John Lewis


Painting of Mc Daid's Football Special Building, Ramelton Donegal
Drink Football Special, Ramelton Donegal


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