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My Attic Art Studio

I work mainly from my attic art studio as the sky light enables me to paint most of the day, normally from 6.30 am onwards. When the light fades I switch on a combination of blue artificial “day” lights so that I can squeeze a bit more painting time in the evening too. My house and art studio overlook two parks, Singleton and Brynmill, here in Swansea, Wales. I can hear swans, ducks, various birds from my attic studio as well as magpies, seagulls and ravens scurrying across the tiled roof of the house. I love the sounds of nature and the sounds of children playing as I paint. It is very relaxing and conducive to painting, listening to these sounds amid the bustle of a city. My husband has started to build the foundations of a logged cabin art studio which will be in the middle of the back garden. I hope to move into it in a few months. My paintings are getting bigger as I need more room to work (and store canvas). Hopefully I will be even more immersed in the sounds of nature from my new studio.





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