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My Attic Art Studio


At Work in my Attic Art Studio

At present I work  mainly from my attic art studio as the sky light enables me to paint most of the day, normally from 6.30 am onwards. It is also warmer than my newly built garden studio which I am sure will come into it’s own in Spring and Summer.

At present it is too cold and glum, plus my husband is planning to cut  and lay huge boulders as rustic garden steps in the next few weeks.  I will be using Clearwell boulders from the Forest of Dean and buying the stone from a company called Wyestone in Herefordshire which recently supplied stone to the Chelsea Flower Show and also featured on Alan Titchmarsh’s “Love our Garden”.

In fact, the waney edge wooden cladding on my new garden art studio is from The Old Mill Yard in Carmarthenshire which also featured on a television program recently when the timber yard was featured on George Clarke’s “Amazing Spaces”.


When the light fades in my attic art studio I switch on a combination of blue artificial “day” lights so that I can squeeze a bit more painting time in the evening too. My house and art studio overlook two parks, Singleton and Brynmill, here in Swansea, Wales. I can hear swans, ducks, various birds from my attic studio as well as magpies, seagulls and ravens scurrying across the tiled roof of the house. I love the sounds of nature and the sounds of children playing as I paint. It is very relaxing and conducive to painting, listening to these sounds amid the bustle of a city.

Hopefully I will be even more immersed in the sounds of nature from my new studio.



5 thoughts on “My Attic Art Studio

  1. I loved it…. Bautiful place….

    1. thank you Mirna 🙂

  2. Het oogt echt prachtig.

    1. Thank you

  3. Thank you!

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