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“Cric in the Snow” is the most popular print on

Delighted to say I have just SOLD this my last Giclee print to be sold via Artfinder
“Cric in the Snow”, my most popular Giclee print of all time!

“I love painting snow, whether brillant midday sun, blue-tinged, snow or pinky sunset snow. I love how blues and pinks hover above the snowy white. I love the snow’s power to transform, to turn a plain town into a lovely town, and a lovely town in something quite majestic.

You can still buy this as a print from my shop on here 

Cric in the Snow

In “Crick in the Snow, the lovely village of Crickhowell is transformed into a picture-postcard beauty by the snow and the dramatic background of the snow glistering hills. I live by the sea where the salty sea erodes most heavy snow drifts. Thus I have to travel inland to the Welsh Valleys and beyond to find my snow laden landscapes.
In this painting I love the intricacy of the hedge rows climbing up the hills, the lacy threads of winter hedges, the patterns and the line and shapes. It has a “brueghelian” Christmas feel. All that is missing is the sleighing children, and swirling skates. I love the warm colours of the houses in the foreground contrasting with the cold blues in the distance countryside. The habitable back-lit with the inhabitable.

This heightens the feeling of Christmas, all wrapped up in each other’s shops and homes, and lives; reassuringly, comfortably, necessarily away from the icy outside, the outer reaches, around this human fire of company. This is a painting of a winter community as well as winter community more generally.”


2 thoughts on ““Cric in the Snow” is the most popular print on

  1. Your work is brilliant. Is the print Hereford Red available for purchase? If so…what sizes and prices?

    If I wanted to commission a painting of one or more of my cows, what would you charge? I raise Hereford cattle and would love to “memorialize” some of my favorite critters.

    I live in Jamestown, Ohio USA 45335

    Thanks for your time! Respectfully, Robin Moshier

  2. Hi Robin and thank you for your kind words and interest in buying my artwork.

    I would be happy to paint commissions for you. I looked at your site and your mini Herefords are gorgeous!

    I was actually born in Hereford myself.

    I have a giclee print 60 x 42cm at £70 of Hereford Red for sale – please contact me via my email – – to discuss payment, and to also discuss how to how to go about getting your commissions painted.

    Commission prices are dependent on the size of the painting. We can discuss this via email. Your cows are adorable I would look forward to painting some of those.

    Thank you and best wishes,


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