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Getting Ready for my Summer Exhibition

Paintings ready for my art exhibition
I have a confession to make. The person who does most of the “getting ready” is not me – it’s my husband, Seamas. Yes, I paint the pictures, make sure all the edges are tidied up and my initials are on each painting but he does the fiddly stuff I hate. But he’s the one who helps me decide which paintings to have in the exhibition, he goes to buy the “D” ring hooks from the DIY shop round the corner, when we run out. Or yes, and another 4 balls of string. Then, he patiently sits down and measures the spacing at the back of the paintings, screws in the “D” hooks and then has to arrange the string so that 1) the painting won’t fall off the wall 2) it doesn’t hang too high or too long down from the brass hooks they have in the venue. He also went to the venue to double check how many spaces for paintings there are too. He’ll also help with the hanging on Monday afternoon and delivering the flyers to the local business and homes.

So if you are in Swansea in August please call by and have a cup of coffee in the Brynmill Coffee House – its opposite the entrances of Singleton and Brynmill Park and 5 minutes’ walk from the seafront. The Staff are super nice and the cake is delicious and they have gluten-free versions too. You can enter the draw for a limited edition signed print of “Outside Brynmill Coffee House“. There will be limited edition prints and greeting cards available to buy too. My paintings are a selection of scenes and people of Brynmill as well as some Gower landscapes. Photographs of the paintings in situ will follow soon!

Flyer for Exhibition 2017 - Final Version
Emma Cownie Summer Exhibition


© Emma Cownie 2017



10 thoughts on “Getting Ready for my Summer Exhibition

  1. I hope the exhibition goes well for you. I shall look forward to seeing photos of the paintings as I doubt I will get to the exhibition itself. Lovely work.

    1. Thank you Alan – you too!

  2. Vibrant paintings, love the colours! Wishing you success with your exhibition.

    1. Thank you so much!

  3. The very best of luck with the exhibition, Emma. We’ll certainly try and pop in. I wonder if they are dog-friendly at the cafe? I guess there must be outside seating?

  4. That would be lovely. If the weather is fine, there is a table and chairs outside. and a bowl of water for thirsty dogs and somewhere to tie their leads to, if needs be.

  5. I tried to tweet this but the link isn’t working.

    1. I am sorry about that – I dont know why that is!

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