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  1. I am enthralled with your urban minimalism and I want them all. However does one choose only one of your incredible journeys, each painting with a small story, and every one so magnetic you want to be there. I am unable to express my admiration adequately of your incredible talent and unique style. It is exciting also that you are offering prints now. I am yearning for another of your paintings, to delight my home, or perhaps a print or two before October 8.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Debbie. There’s always a story. It part of human nature to want a story too. I find makes the painting a “deeper” thing. It also helps explains where it came from and what it means to me. Some of the scenes in the “Hollowed Community” project were chosen because of light, colour and composition. Others, were chosen because of the story I wanted to tell. That was particularly true with the “Former Grocer” as I never forgot the Grocer who mourned his wife. We forget so much of our past and yet other things stick with us!

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