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New site on the block! is an online gallery attempting something different – It has hand picked a select group of artists to begin with, handpicked excellence so that artlovers do not have to trawl through thousands of artists to get to the good stuff, if they can persist that long. is not about quantity but quality, not about stock them high sell them cheap! It is instead about quality, accessibility, affordability but not cheapness. It is about the best of British artists. have done the hard work, the research in finding these artists so that artlovers don’t have to. Please give it a go – I am one of the artists to have been selected, find me here -


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Queen Cow in all Her Majesty!

Queen Cow

It is a poor image on an iphone but news of my artwork has arrived on the streets of London. I have recently been asked to join a select group of artists on a website called which will advertise the artwork of various artists throughout west and north London via these big LED digital screens. This is a really exciting and innovative venture and will show how effective these screens are in promoting artists. The official launch date is mid October so I will keep you posted and leave you with the first image thus far, of Queen Cow in all her Majesty!

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Queen Cow in London