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Bird Prints (small)

If you find any images on this website or elsewhere which are not in the gallery but which you would like printed as a giclee print contact me via email or via the comments section at the bottom of this page and I will include in my prints collection.



What do You Reckon
So What do you Reckon?



Coal Tit # 1



House Sparrow 2
House Sparrow



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Puffin Paradise

My recent return to painting after a week away saw me follow up my Puffins series of paintings – these are Pop Art type paintings of these lovely birds. The last Puffin painting “Puffin Paradise” sold after a few days! If only they all went that quickly  eh? I like doing them, they are fun to paint; fresh, simply and colourful. They kind of make you smile! 

Puffin Paradise
Puffins (SOLD)