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Snow Remnant (I found some old snow)

I got to walk on frozen snow earlier in the week. I had to travel all the way to the Cotswolds to find it. There had been a foot of snow the week before but it had almost all gone. Almost. There were remnants left in the cold corners of the fields where the low winter sun’s rays did not directly warm them. It even rained a few times when I was there but these remnants did not melt. It was too cold. So, I got to experience a small thrill as my boots crunched on the ice. It was fleeting but fun.

Snow Remnant

9 thoughts on “Snow Remnant (I found some old snow)

  1. I always liked the kind of “squeaky” sound footsteps in fresh snow make. It kind of progresses from a crunch as your foot hits then a squeak as it sinks in. Who knew snow could be so expressive?

  2. Oh there’s nothing nicer than that “squeak” of fresh snow under your foot. This was a poor substitute but it’s the closest I have been to snow in about 7 years!

  3. Nice subject, Emma and lovely work! – it’s not often you see such lovely remnants of snow! As an English girl, living in Pennsylvania, US, I always make sure to appreciate and enjoy snow – sometimes we only get a few inches, other times we get tons and tons in a winter, I love it all! It makes the world look, and sound, so different, mysterious and beautiful, it sparkles, and yes, crunches. I know some people find it makes life hard for them, but, I would take it over the heat of summer – Any day! (PA Summer = humidity and 90 – 100 f!!!) 🙂 I hope you get more of the white stuff to enjoy! 🙂

    1. Wow – that’s a very different lot of weather to the usual rubbish we get in the UK.

      1. lol! Ah yes, 19 different types of wind, clouds and sunshine, before lunch…any day of the year….but rain can be really lovely – because it makes everything so shiny and reflective, and it makes a nice sound 🙂

      2. Yes, we get all sorts of rain here. Gentle rain, rain that comes up at you from under the umbrella, cold rain, pouring rain. Yes, I do like the shiny reflection that rain can make too!

    2. Thank you Hilda

  4. Thank you!

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