Gower Landscape Paintings

The path through the woods

Oil painting of Gower woods by Emma Cownie

The Path Through the Woods (80x 60 cm) SOLD

This is my most recent woodland painting of the pinewoods near Parkmill and Illston, on the Gower Peninsula.

I am taking a pause for now as we preparing to go away to Donegal, Ireland, soon. We feel in great need of a holiday.

We have not been away for a couple of years and I haven’t flown for over a decade! I am a very rusty traveller! I am really looking forward to visiting this remote corner of the Republic of Ireland.


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  1. Hi Wayne, I love the work of the Group of Severn, Tom Thompson as well Americans such as Rockwell Kent and Edward Hopper. I swear I was born on the wrong side of the Atlantic (and in the wrong century)!

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