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My Review of 2018 (part 2)

Paintings by Emma Cownie 2018

Here’s part two of my review of 2018, all the paintings, prints and sketches I have sold via or direct via my own website at www. Quite a few were commissions.

It’s funny to notice the colours I favour in my paintings.  When I put together a collage of all the paintings and prints I’d sold in 2019 there some surprises.  The greens, yellow ochres and blues are to expected as I paint a lot of coast and woods. The reds and oranges, however, are a little more unexpected as I have this idea that I hardly ever use red in my paintings, unlike my husband who says it’s his favourite colour in his work.  The oranges don’t just appear in my urban painting where you’d expect brickwork, but also in the russets of the winter bracken on the Welsh mountains.

It’s not all the works sold as I haven’t included the last two months yet. Watch out on facebook/instagram for an update there.  Once, again thank you to all my collectors, supporters, fans, commentators and family who keep me going.

Oil paintings of Wales

Oil paintings of Wales

Oil paintings by Swansea artist

Welsh Woodland paintingsOil paintings by Swansea artist Emma Cownie

Oil paintings of Gower

17 thoughts on “My Review of 2018 (part 2)

  1. Lovely pieces, Emma! I’m really enjoying seeing them all together like this! Really looking forward to seeing what you paint/post in 2019! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you, Hilda. Happy New Year to you too.

  2. what a visual adventure! You’d enjoy St.John’s Newfoundland.Many of the houses have such unusual colours!

    1. Oh those are great. Yes, you are right, I’d love to visit and paint those colourful houses.

      1. I have a friend who lives there.She just wrote that some of them are right next door to her.

  3. What a beautiful collection Emma.Hope 2019 gives u healhy and succes

    1. Sorry for my mistake.It must be healthy and succes

  4. Must be Healthy and succes

  5. Sorry for my mistakes ,must be healthy and succes

    1. Ha Ha! I have this problem too – clinking send too soon. Thank you, Marylou!

  6. You’ve created some really beautiful pieces, Emma. It’s a wonderful gallery. Wishing you much joy in 2019 🙂 🙂

  7. A brilliant portfolio. I love your work.

  8. Amazing variety. Well done! You’re my role model! Some of us post our favourites photos of last year and the like, whereas you can post the works of art that you’ve sold. And there are so many! Excellent! I wish you another successful, healthy and fun year.

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