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A footnote

Last night I received a lovely present from one of the pupils of  Brynmill school who was inspired, after my talk with her class, to paint one of my paintings. I was absolutely charmed and delighted by this gift.

Nia told me in her accompanying note that “instead of paint, I used Sharpie (felt tip pen)”. What really tickled me is that she then added “when you came to my school your advice when doing art was to sketch it first and then continue”. She had followed this advice brilliantly.  She’d had sketched the figures in pencil and then added colour in Sharpie pen.

I was really impressed that she had caught the shadows on the men’s jacket & coats. I liked her use of flat colour and the relationship between the figures. There was something “Hockneyesque” about her work! I hope she keeps on creating. An excellent painting from a budding young artist. Great to see!!

painting of three friends
“The Three Amigos” – my version (left) and Nia’s (right)

13 thoughts on “A footnote

  1. What a lovely tribute to you and such a job well done. Really wonderful –

  2. What a great present.

  3. Yeahhh, Nia, way to go! Brilliant! And what a lovely gift. <3 A great example of how what we do ripple.

  4. You must feel so proud to have influenced someone so deeply.

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  6. What a pleasure seeing a young interpretation of you work. I also hope she pursues art.

  7. Maja is right ~ the ripple effect is powerful. Nina has created a wonderful work. I love that she has taken your painting (I wonder why that one appealed?) but reinterpreted it, as in the vegetation at the back. Delightful!

    1. Yes, it was her interpretation. Yes, I would have thought a landscape would have been easier but perhaps she liked the subject matter better (three figures).

  8. Je moet een diepe indruk op haar gemaakt hebben dat ze je zo’n cadeau toestuurd

    1. Het was erg gul of haar!

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