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“The Quiet Girl” (aka “Foster”) at the BAFTAs

Cover of Claire Keegan's "Foster"

I was absolutely delighted to spot Claire Keegan’s “Foster” (and my painting on the cover) at the BBC’s screen of this year’s British Academy Film Awards, known as the BAFTAs. The Irish language film “The Quiet Girl” was nominated for Best Screenplay (Adapted) catagory. The film’s director Colm Bairead wrote the screenplay, adapted Claire Keegan’s beautiful novella. The moving film was also nominated for the Best Film Not in the English Language.Sadly, “The Quiet Girl” lost out to “All Quiet on the Western Front” this time.Screen Shot of the Quiet Girl at the BAFTAs

Screen Shot of the Quiet Girl (“Foster”) at the BAFTAs

The Quiet Girl has become the first Irish-language feature film to be nominated for an Oscar. So fingers crossed!

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17 thoughts on ““The Quiet Girl” (aka “Foster”) at the BAFTAs

  1. I can’t wait to see it

  2. That’s so exciting Emma, Congratulations!

  3. Wow, your work on the poster. A lovely painting too Fantastic and many congratulations. Seems like the screenplay was up against very tough competition this year, alas

  4. Gosh Emma you must be chuffed to see your work in such high profile at the moment. I loved both the story and the movie and am thrilled that an Irish Language feature has finally been nominated.

    1. Chuffed is a good word to describe it. I cant believe my luck to be honest. I am grateful to Claire Keegan’s good taste too! lol!

  5. How wonderful Emma. Congratulations:)

    1. Thank you Janet. It was a blink and you miss it moment. Thank goodness for screenshots!

  6. I can’t wait to see the film and poster……

  7. Congratulations Emma! So well deserved.

    1. Thank you Cindy. If only they show the book cover at the Oscars! That would be something!

  8. That’s great! I recently read her book ‘Small things like these’ which I really enjoyed so I’ll try ‘Foster’ and enjoy knowing it’s your painting on the cover.

    1. Thank you Christine – “Foster” is such a beuatiful story. It made me quite tearful at the end

  9. Wonderful Emma. Congratulations My Friend.

    1. Thank you very much Goff

      1. Pleasure Emma. Have a wonderful day.

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