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Swansea, city of culture!

Swansea is nervously awaiting to hear on Thursday if its has been selected as UK city of Culture 2021. We know that no UK city can be a European city of culture thanks to Brexit. Swansea has made the short list before and lost out to Hull. This time the other shortlisted cities are Coventry, Paisley and Stoke (Coventry is the bookies’ favourite at 7/4).

These are all post-industrial cities looking for a boost and Swansea would use the title well. This city is full of talented artists, writers and musicians. There is more to Swansea than Dylan Thomas and Kingsley Amis. These are the things that come to mind (in no particular order). We have a fantastic bay (second largest in Europe) with a very long sandy beach. We have a beautiful art school, two universities, and about 100 artists studios in the town centre, we have the Glynn Vivan Art Galley, Elysium Art Gallery, Mission Gallery, Volcano Theatre Group, Dylan Thomas Theatre, The Dylan Thomas exhbition in the Dylan Thomas Centre, Dylan Thomas house and trail, the Grand Theatre, Nawr experimental music gigs, several music venues in the Uplands, Swansea Museum, the Martime Museum, the Egypt Centre, Gower Festival, Troublemakers’ Festival, Gower Folk Festival, Blue Grass Festival  and I know I have forgotten lots of other things like Premiership football team.

the-grand-hotel-swansea-the-egypt-centreAward winning Egypt Centre

If we win, actor Michael Sheen, has promised a city-wide theatre production like the brilliant “The Passion” Easter production in Port Talbot in 2011. There are many other events planned too.

The Passion 2011

There is so much talent here and Swansea would really flourish given half a chance. The bookies have placed us at 10/1 but I have my fingers crossed that Swansea will get to be the first Welsh UK city of culture tomorrow. Pob Lwc, Abertawe!

Michael Sheen, Rhys Ifans and Bonnie Tyler


10 thoughts on “Swansea, city of culture!

  1. I lived in England in the 1970s. I spent three years living in Bristol and on any trips I made to Wales I never made it to Swansea. I hope it will get the award as I am sure it could give the city a boost.

  2. My brother lives in Bristol – another rainy hilly city. Thank you for your best wishes. Fingers crossed!!

  3. If I could vote, it would be for Swansea! That’s an incredible list of positives you posted!

    1. Thanks Alli. There are loads more that I’d forgotten – Swansea is also a very musical town. There are many choirs, bands and orchestras here. There are loads of poets (Richard James Jones for one) and authors like Owen Shears too. We hear the result at 7pm tonight.

    2. Thank you!

  4. Very interesting. Thank you.

  5. Good luck with it all

    1. Thank you!

  6. Hopelijk wordt Swansea verkozen.

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