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Glynn Vivian Open Exhibition

Christmas Shows (2 of 2)

In October 2011 the gallery was closed temporarily for a £6 million refurbishment and recladding of the 1974 extension. It wasn’t opened again until 2017. That’s almost 6 years closed.

The Glynn Vivian looked like this for over 5 years

Then this  summer it reopened.

So when the gallery announced that it was going to hold an Open Exhibition this December there was a lot of interest from Swansea-based artists. The opening event on Saturday was super packed. We had to queue to get in.

My two paintings were “Round the bend” and “Glamour Glamour”

Seamas, my husband (James Henry Johnston) also had a self portrait in the exhibition. I thought his painting looked really good!

There was lots of really interesting work there. I really enjoyed the fact that there was a lot of variety and the walls were packed with work. The standard was very high. I intend to return when it’s not so packed to have a another look.

[wpecpp name=”Round the Bend ” price=”370″]

“Round The Bend” Oil on Linen Canvas 55 x 46 cm unframed

6 thoughts on “Glynn Vivian Open Exhibition

  1. Nice to know that after such a lengthy closure there are crowds wanting to get in to see the art work.

    1. There is a massive appetite for art in the UK (but admittedly not all art) – people go crazy for David Hockney’s or Banksy’s exhibitions. It’s interesting to see what catches the public imagination.

  2. Your photos tell a beautiful story of the reopening of the gallery. For me, it is poignant that it occurred during the season of advent. A season of waiting. Ray

  3. Thank you, Ray. There was great excitement amongst the crowd of artists waiting to go in to the the exhibition too.

  4. Prachtig weergegeven

    1. Thank you as always!

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