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Still life paintings

Still Life Painting
Private Conversation

This will be a short post as I am nursing a painful left elbow on an ice pack. I developed bursitis on Friday, I am not sure why as I didn’t hit my elbow on anything but too many sun salutations in yoga is my number one suspect.

We have had a lot of really bad weather lately. We seem to be cantering our way through the alphabet of storms: Atiyah, Brendan, Ciara, Dennis, Ellen, Francis etc. This means I have rarely left the house, except to buy food, walk the dogs in our local park or to go to a yoga class, although yoga will be out of bounds until my elbow recovers now.

So, whilst Storm Ciara was blasting her way overhead, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to set up a number of still life compositions to work from. I had painted a number of largish canvases (80x60cm) and felt in wanted to paint something smaller for variety’s sake, and also something that I could complete in a short (gloomy) day.

My past forays into Still Life painting explored paleness/whiteness, and they were largely inspired by the work of Morandi. These were medium-sized paintings. I liked the calmness of the plain backgrounds.

In this short series of paintings, I was more interested in colour. I was particularly inspired by a patterned cloth that my husband, Seamas, had found in a charity shop many years ago. I liked the warmth of the colours.

This was my first painting. I liked the way the colours of the flowers chimed with the fruit on the plate.

Still life with Patterned Cloth
Still life with Patterned Cloth

I think my second painting was better probably helped by better light on the day that I painted it.

Still life with patterned cloth #2
Still life with patterned cloth #2

Then I decided to focus on the fruit. A tiny slice of it!

A Slice of Lemon (SOLD)

Then finally a more traditional composition with a cup and red cloth. I have noticed before how I am drawn to painting reds in winter.

Blue cup with Lemons
Blue cup with Lemons

The bright colours in these paintings cheered me up. Having completed this short series I felt ready to return to large canvases and more muted tones.

15 thoughts on “Still life paintings

  1. Good morning Emma. What a treat to wake up to these lovely still life pieces. They are stunning. I particularly like two and four….Thank you very much.
    As for Bursitis, I know how painful that can be. My husband used to suffer a great deal and his was caused from playing squash! Resting the area is key. Happy painting:)

    1. Thank you for your king words, Janet. I think the bursitis was brought on my yoga and my pulling my hand brake on – I live on a hill and I pull it up at an awkward angle. I am resting the elbow and it’s no longer swollen but still tender. I expect it will take 2-3 weeks to recover fully.

  2. I love these and thanks for sharing them with us –

  3. I’m not really a fan of still life, Emma. I prefer the movement of wind, cloud and waves, but I do like your slice of lemon. 🙂 🙂

    1. I prefer landscapes too but thank you, Jo!

  4. I really enjoyed the still life paintings on the colorful fabric background. I liked the first one a lot, but you’re right, as I scrolled down to see the second one, it really comes alive.
    Hope your elbow feels better. I used to love yoga but I noticed I’d frequently have pinched nerves so I ended up switching to tai chi which works better for me.

    1. The elbow is on the mend, thank you, Melissa. I have tried tai chi but I don’t think I have the right attitude as I found it both difficult and “boring” as we only seem to do the one set of moves! I’ll just have to wait to enjoy yoga again. I think I need to stop trying so hard!

      1. Oh, I wondered about that. What I actually do is “Classical Stretch”, designed by a retired ballerina, and she borrows heavily from tai chi but she varies the moves a lot. I have over 50 routines saved, and each one is different. I’m like you, though, I think I try too hard and then things hurt. Glad you are on the mend!

  5. So bright and colorful! I love that floral tablecloth. I think the green bottle and pitcher is my favorite.

    1. Yes, I was pleased with the green bottle painting too -I think that green is very pleasing against the pale colours.

  6. Love that little slice of lemon. Reminds me of some of Georgia O’Keeffe’s luscious tiny fruit bowls. Off topic, I think yoga is supposed to be good for you. You sure you’re not in an “extreme yoga” class by mistake? 😋

    1. Ha!Ha! Yes, it’s not your regular yoga. It’s pretty energetic. We do a lot of sun salutation etc. Thing is, I am one of the younger people in the class! Most of the othr ladies are in their 60s and one is in her early 70s!!

  7. excellent artwork!

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