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Night Falls on Uplands

night lifeIMG_7870
“Night Falls on Uplands” SOLD


This is another “urban folk” painting – a style of painting I have been developing recently, expressionist people portraits from real life in the area near me here in Swansea, Wales. I try to catch the pathos of every day life and hope the paintings tell a story to the viewer. Uplands is a busy area in Swansea, full of shops, bars, coffee shops – where one can shop, eat, drink, listen to music, socialize and be merry. I hope I catch the start of that evening bustle is this painting. The cars coming into town, while the older gentleman returns home with his evening supplies and younger people appear to chat in the street. The constant coming and going and intermingling of activity.
Different people doing different things on the same city street.

This is why we love the city, the constant activity and the wide variety of people and characters, always something to catch our eye and imagination.