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The “Street” Series


I really loved painting this Triptych of elderly people walking in the street. Two are sold already, both from Carmarthen. The gentleman in the middle having his “Afternoon Trundle” is from Swansea. I like this type of painting because we have a tendency to give this type of painting a “back story”, where are they going and where and who have they come from or going to. We superimpose our feelings onto these elderly figures. I find I have much affection for them all, which may be because they all look like nans and grandads, our nans and grandads. I have an affinity with them, out excitedly on the way to shops, the sun sending glad tidings into their bones. All excited to be out on their afternoon quests. As they walk purposely into the facing sun, it gives the impression they all have plenty of life in them.

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