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A Few Customer Testimonials

I have been on the Artfinder website since 2013, and during that time I have been fortunate enough to sell an incredible 788 artworks! I am very proud of the 254 5-star reviews that I have collected over the years via Artfinder.

Reviews ARTFinder
254 Five Star Reviews!

I also sell directly from this website, Facebook and through my shop on You can see some of the work that I have sold recently here.

So, I thought that I would share with you some of the customer reviews and messages I received last month from the collectors of my work on Artfinder.  They are the icing on the cake for me and my husband Séamas, who has been working incredibly hard packing and shipping my work whilst I am recovering from my broken leg & ankle. I often think that my collectors describe my work better than I can and love reading what they say. I am very happy that my work is appreciated and enjoyed around the world. 

After You Are Gone
After You Are Gone
The Red Roofed House, Ireland
The Red Roofed House, Ireland
Review by Maureen, I love these beautiful, atmospheric pieces. Emma captures her subjects to perfection. These two pieces are special to me as they remind me of my youth, growing up in an offshore Island in Ireland I look forward to seeing more of Emma’s work.



Winter Shopping
Winter Shopping

Review by Laurent- “This [“Winter Shopping”] is the third painting from Emma I have bought. As before, everything has been perfect… great communication, delivery in two days.. And it is a beautiful painting!


Donegal landscape painting
StormOver Inishbofin

Message: Dear Emma, The painting [“Storm Over Inishbofin, Ireland”] has just arrived safely. It is lovely and I especially like the contrast between the optimistic houses and the darkening sky! Best wishes, Katharine

Between Tides, Tenby
Between Tides, Tenby

Review by Cameron, Have been viewing Emma’s works & style for a while now so grey happy to finally have 1 of her works hanging in my home [“Between Tides, Tenby”].

Hazy Tenby
Hazy Tenby
Review by Elissa, “Love this painting [“Hazy Tenby”] which was despatched and received within a few days of ordering. Thanks so much, Emma”
Roshin Acres, Ireland
Roshin Acres, Ireland
Review By Helen, “We were so pleased to purchase the painting [“Roshin Acres, Irealand”]. It is beautiful and when it arrived it was what we had hoped for when we purchased it. It arrived super quick”.
Read more of my 5-star reviews on Artfinder here.
Please note you will have to give an email address to access the site.
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Some Testimonials

Here are a number of testimonials I have received from previous artlovers who have bought  my artwork.


Art Gallery

Customer reviews of Emma Cownie’s art

Artwork icon Refracted Light

 An excellent limited print. Just had it framed which really sets it off.

Artwork quality
Delivery and packaging
Overall service

JA, Woodbridge, 14-Nov-2014

Artwork icon Fauvist Wood

 Fantastic piece, superb colours and it has a real presence, going to be much enjoyed for many years! Thanks

Artwork quality
Delivery and packaging
Overall service

JG, Cork, 2-Jun-2014


Positive Positive Positive Positive Positive  Superb. This artist has received the highest accolade ArtGallery can bestow – they are considered a superb artist both through feedback from customers and from ArtGallery’s own relationship with the artist. Our customers are delighted with this artist’s work and their ability to deliver on time. ArtGallery has had many positive experiences with this artist and is delighted to recommend them very highly.


Customer name: Henrietta Hunter
Order date: Jan. 31, 2015
Order number: #17798

“Smoke across Dyffryn Crawnon” by Emma Cownie
Oil painting

Overall seller rating:

Seller communication:

Delivery and packaging:

Listing accuracy:

Customer’s comments:

Buying the most expensive painting I have got so far was made much easier by the help offered by Emma. Service, delivery, info and even a follow up made every step a delight. Every time I pass this painting I can’t help smiling

Customer name: Veronika Archibald
Order date: Jan. 20, 2015
Order number: #17378

Perpetual Light

Perpetual Light by Emma Cownie
Giclée print

Down Cwmdonkin by Emma Cownie
Giclée print

Brandy Cove Stile by Emma Cownie
Giclée print

Refracted Light

Refracted Light by Emma Cownie
Giclée print

Overall seller rating:

Seller communication:

Delivery and packaging:

Listing accuracy:

Customer’s comments:

Very happy with my purchases.

Customer name: John Fetcho
Order date: Dec. 30, 2014
Order number: #16468

Inner Lit

Inner Lit by Emma Cownie
Giclée print

Overall seller rating:

Seller communication:

Delivery and packaging:

Listing accuracy:

Customer’s comments:

No issues with this artist. I would do business with her again.

Customer name: karen scanlon
Order date: Feb. 1, 2015
Order number: #17818

Rocky Robin by Emma Cownie
Oil painting

Overall seller rating:

Seller communication:

Delivery and packaging:

Listing accuracy:

Customer’s comments:

received the painting in a very short space of time I adore the painting, very positive experience purchasing from Emma

Customer name: Royston Gazzard
Order date: Dec. 27, 2014
Order number: #16360

Geraint the Gower Bull by Emma Cownie
Oil painting

Overall seller rating:

Seller communication:

Delivery and packaging:

Listing accuracy:

Customer’s comments:

Over all very pleased with painting and delivery

Other Personal Comments From Artlovers on Artfinder
Golden Bull
“Geraint the Gower Bull “looks great on my wall” Royston, Gloucester, England, UK – 8th January 2015

Dear Emma,

I thought I would let you know that my husband gave me your picture for Christmas. I adore it, and it looks totally fabulous hanging in our kitchen. Thank you for producing such an amazing piece of art,

Yours Sincerely,


26 Dec 2014, 11:07 a.m.



I am really looking forward to having the painting.

Once we found your work, it was hard to choose. I loved some of the landscapes (we lived in the UK for a couple of years and I am a sucker British countryside – so different from Australia) and the couple of ‘bridge’ ones were captivating too. But I just kept coming back to A Summered Garden because of the way the light plays on the leaves and because of the depth of colour.

I have already shown off your work to some friends and will continue to!
Many thanks
Mia, 10 Nov 2014, 10:12 p.m.

I wanted to let you know that we got the painting and it is spectacular. We were going to put it in our bedroom above our bed but in fact we realised it would be wasted there a bit. We put it in our lounge/family room which is open and sunny and looks out onto our garden. It is just perfect there. We haven’t got it framed yet but it is just beautiful still.
Even my 7 year old son thinks it is amazing.

I am so glad you could ship it and I am so glad we chose that painting.

Thanks again Mia,

27 Nov 2014, 9:40 p.m.

Hi Emma

Sorry its taken me so long to get in touch. I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful painting. It takes pride of place in our front room. We all love it, even my 5 and 7 year old daughters.

Best wishes


9th Oct 2014 7.56 am


Hello, I’ve just this moment purchased 3 of your prints and just wanted to say how wonderful I think your artworks are, just glorious. I wish I had the funds to purchase an original …maybe one day I’ll be in that position. In the mean time, I have added you to my favourites on Art Finder and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations. All the very best, Gill .

24 Sept, 2014 12.15 pm  



Thank you so much for the speedy delivery. I loved this work so much that I immediately got online and ordered another one. The quality of the print is amazing and the colours are beautiful. I cannot wait to have them framed and hung.

Kindest Regards

23 Jul 2014, 10.56 pm

Hello Emma, thank you for “The Bench”. The picture is excellent. I love the bright colours and the way it leads off into the woods. I have put it in a bedroom on a pale green wall with orange bits (cushions etc) and it looks fantastic. I have not framed it. Best wishes, Michael.
2 Jul 2014, 2 p.m.
Hi Emma,

Thank you so much for my prints, they are stunning.

I hope you don’t mind me asking but do you have any recommendations from framing? Type of mount and frame?

I want to make sure the frame does them justice!

All the best


23 Jun 2014, 8:54 p.m.

inner light
Thank you. I absolutely love it. It’s beautiful and takes my breath away every time I glance at it. Your work is lovely. I hope to buy another of your works in time, Alexandra.
17 May 2014, 10.38am
singing ringing tree
Thank you so much for arranging the shipment so quickly. I am very excited and cannot wait to receive the painting. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.Thank you
Lyn. 14 May 2014, 8:34 p.m.Hi Emma, My painting arrived today and I am delighted. It is beautiful, it will be loved and cherished.Thank you so much Lyn16 May 2014, 7:46 p.m…. and your work is amazing.Every time I look at it I smile, You really are shipping pure joy and happiness, thank you.16 May 2014, 7:46 p.m.moo!
Dear Emma Thanks for sending MOo. It was just what I was looking for, I love it. Thanks Mairwen  04 2 May 2014,
up cwmdonkin
Thanks for your message Emma. I really like your work – this is the second piece I have bought of yours. The first (Down Cwmdonkin) is beautiful and hanging in my sitting room.
Brandy Cove Stil
I look forward to having Brandy Cove Stile (which reminds me very much of the walks I took as a child) too. Both feeds my love of woods. Your colours are superb.
1 May 2014, 3:49 p.m.

fauvist wood

Thank you, Emma, I’m looking forward to hanging it on my wall. I love your paintings! Happy New 2014. Heather.

4 Jan 2014, 11:29 p.m.

windswept trees

Thank you so much. It has arrived and I love it. Took it to the framer’s today (but they were shut!!!). i’m looking forward to putting it up on the wall.
Thanks again


16 Oct 2013, 4:24 p.m.


Cornish Harbour 1


cornish harbour 2


Now your style struck me straight to the heart. And I said to myself “if I were a painter – that is how I would like to paint”. So that is what brought me to you.

I look forward so much to receiving the paintings and thank you so much for your wonderful thoughtfulness.Do You ever take on students for a crash course in your technique?

With best wishes,


19 Jul 2013, 9:07 p.m.


beech by the brook
Oh Emma, it’s amazing !! Can’t eulogise as much as I’d like …anyway will post to fb and your timeline this evening. I love it !!!
01/01/2015 9.10 a.m.


Oh my word!!!! Rooster just arrived and he is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Brilliant!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!

The cooling glade
 Ah yes, it really shows through in your work. The light in the distance… It’s why I fell in love with your art and this painting in particular. That it reminds me of two different but still very special places was probably what clinched it (I spent the weekend, after I picked up your card at the Uplands fair, trying to decide which of the 8 paintings I’d short listed I should buy). It’s also spurred me to start painting again. So thank you!
I brought the painting home last night and unwrapped it. It is magnificent! I spent the evening admiring how it changed with the changing light. Lovely.
green umbrella
Hi Emma, pic has arrived,it’s lovely! Thankyou! I will send you a photo when it’s framed.
Leigh Anne,
Emma Cownie Artist
after the wild beasts
Dear Emma I just wanted to inform you that “After the Wild Beasts” has reached our address in excellent condition. The colour palette is gorgeous. The painting has a life of its own. I can’t wait to frame it and put it on display.
21 September 2014 12:42
Hi Emma, picture is finally framed and on the wall. Jane loves it! Thanks again, Gareth