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“Cymricana” – Sunshine and Puddles



This painting of a burger van I spotted in Wickes’s (DIY Store) carpark in Swansea is part of my “urban minimal” series. I have been influenced by the treatment of light and colour by American realist painters such as Edward Hopper, Jim Holland, John Register, Frank Hobbs as well as by Contemporary minimalists such as Christopher Benson, Leah Giberson, Tom McKinley, Jessica Brilli and Emmett Kerrigan. I aim to bring an American sensibility to a Welsh urban landscape – I half-jokingly call this sensibility “Cymricana” – like Americana only Welsh. Instead of sunshine in a NY diner, its sunshine on burger van surrounded by puddles in a Wickes’ carpark.

2 thoughts on ““Cymricana” – Sunshine and Puddles

  1. Great picture and a great concept. I love it. I went to the Brynmill Coffee House yesterday to se your exhibition which I really enjoyed. Your urban minimalist paintings really capture a certain essence. I lived as a student in Bynmill Crescent 50 years ago, and the house you painted in Bernard Street was right opposite my boyfriend’s digs.

    1. Oh thank you! That’s lovely that you recognised the house on Bernard Street. I find that fascinating that you lived in Brynmill Crescent all those years ago. I am very interested in how much Brynmill has changed since you were student. Any observations would be very welcome. By the way, the urban minimal paintings will form part of an exhibition in the “MadeinRoath” 2017 Festival in Cardiff October 15th-22nd at Inkspot Art Centre, The Old Church, Newport Road/Clifton St, Cardiff, CF24 1PU if you are passing!

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