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Paintings now available as magazine book on Blurb

Click here to buy as ebook or a print version.


8 thoughts on “Paintings now available as magazine book on Blurb

  1. your art is very good! What or who was your major influence?

  2. Thank you – I have gone through phases. It used to be I’d only look at dead artists for inspiration (Post-Impressionist like Gauguin and Fauvists like Andre Derain, and I used to love Robert Bevan and others from the Camden Town Group) but more recently I have been more influenced by living American contemporary realist painters particularly Christopher Benson and Mitchell Johnson. I like their use of bright colour and treatment of forms so that they are semi-abstract at times. Light and colour are always important to me.

  3. Congratulations on the book release.

    1. Thanks Alex

  4. I would love your book but can’t afford the shipping cost – is there anywhere else I can get it apart from that one site?

    1. I agree the shipping costs are high. I am planning to buy a load and sell them myself to people in UK. I am assuming the postage isn’t so bad if you are in the USA. I’ll keep you posted.

      1. Thanks! I have the same problem ordering author copies of my book – for some reason I can only order them at cost price from America and the shipping costs are prohibitive. It’s actually cheaper for me to get them for the sale price on!

      2. That’s useful tip, thanks

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