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A Donegal Year: Footnote

This is a footnote to Sunday’s post about A Donegal year.

I had been trying to finish it but the weather and the light were so bad here in Wales over the weekend, I had to leave it until Monday. I struggle to see greens in poor light and as the grass at the bottom of the painting was so important to the success of the image, I decided to wait until I could see it.

Donegal painting of house on Arranmore
Rusty Roofed House (Arranmore)

It’s is such a joy to look at the bright blue skies of Donegal and the wonderful clear light.

See it here 

8 thoughts on “A Donegal Year: Footnote

  1. Really like this one….the strength of the orange roof is very exciting. When I lived and worked in Wales for twelve years, I remember how difficult the light could be at this time of the year…..Janet

    1. Thank you, Janet. It’s driving me nuts. I think its the gloom more than the shortness of the day!

  2. Nice one and the green is important just as you said.

  3. I love how you bring Donegal

    1. Thank you, I wish I was there now.

  4. what a writer does with the pen,you do with a brush Emma!

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