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Painting Gower Cows

I have painted five “cow portraits” in all, recently. Here they are. I have enjoyed getting to know them as individuals, their long history in art and human society, and especially painting them. I have learnt a lot about their anatomy, especially their curious two-toed feet, or rather “paired hooves”. I have also discovered that cows have “dew claws” (digits that most animals have, including cats and dogs).

The White Cow, an oil painting by Emma Cownie

The White Cow (SOLD)

I am ready to switch back to landscape/woodland paintings now, after a long break from the trees.

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I’ll leave you with a few photos of the cows in their natural environment.

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    • I think the bulls are so massive that they end up looking quite serene because it’s a lot of effort to move, and I don’t think they need to. There’s not a lot they are worried by. It’s funny that bulls have such a reputation in stories for being dangerous but these Gower bulls (and cows) are very laid back. No rings in their noses. The only ones who people say watch out for are the mother when their calves are little, will get protective. That’s understandable. i think its because they are very used people walking past them on a daily basis. The sheep and ponies on the Gower common lands (where they roam freely, not in fenced off fields) are pretty much the same.

    • We have Black Welsh cattle here, I didn’t know there was a German Angus breed (I’m not a farmer but a townie) but I am familiar with Aberdeen Angus. I looked them up and the German Angus is a version of Aberdeen with German genes added in. Fine looking animals!

  1. Love cows, and their gentle faces. You capture them beautifully. My grandad used to raise them as a farmer, which although it was his ‘second’ job, it was the one he was most suited to with his gentle nature.

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