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With the Longer Days the Paintings get Bigger!

I work part time as a teacher and have 6 weeks of holidays in the summer.

These means I have more concentrated time to paint.

My paintings grow in size during the summer and I have a chance to explore different artistic themes.

So summer represents a time of greater experimentation and size of paintings, especially my “refractionist” landscapes that take about three days to paint as it is time consuming, breaking down light into colour segments. This has become a signature style although I spend increasing time painting urban portraits of city scenes and people portraits of city folk.

Here is a “refractionist” oil painting I painted this week called “Toward Pennard Pill” which is 92 x 73cmm and is £495 to purchase.

“This is a refractionist oil painting of a much loved inspiration for several of my works, the wooded area of Ilston in the Gower Peninusla, near Swansea. This brook or pill leads to the sea at Three Cliffs Bay, via Pennard Pill, hence the title.”


2 thoughts on “With the Longer Days the Paintings get Bigger!

  1. Sprookjesachtig en mooi

  2. Thank you!

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