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Windswept Inspiration


Every weekend my husband and I explore and almost mine the beauty of Gower peninsula with its amazing variety of beaches, woods, hills and valleys for inspiration for my next paintings. Increasingly I have used this peninsula to keep my artistic juices flowing. It is almost as if we are harvesting the beauty of Gower in some way and using it to create art before sharing this bounty with art lovers throughout the world.

Different paintings of Gower adorn walls in the homes of art lovers on various continents. Our weekend walks are not just for our aesthetic enrichment but for others too it would seem. What a joy to share the beauty of this stunning peninsula designated Britain’s first Area of Outstanding Beauty.

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  1. Hi Emma,

    I was very interested to read your comments on inspiration. Muriel Rukeyser said that the world is not composed of atoms but in the tiny stories we knit as narratives. It seems to me that landscape forms part of this story in our efforts to capture the essence of interpretation, through art in your case and literature in mine. I was wondering whether you’ve read any Robert McFarlane or Roger Deakin (or the rich seam of other nature writers out there) as these, for me at least, are a great source of inspiration:


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