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On the cover – Eugene Vesey

Eugene Vesey
I was delighted to give permission to Eugene Vesey, poet and author, to use my artwork on the back of his book “Opposite Worlds”.  In the story, the main character Frank spends his honeymoon with Mary on Gola island.
My painting,  “Up From the Pier, Gola” looks great on the back of this edition -You can get a print of my painting here…/12510206/up-from-the-pier
Eugene sent me two copies of the book, which I am half way through and enjoying a lot. See the book on Amazon here and on Barnes and Noble
Back Cover of Eugene Vesey’s book with my painting on it.
Me in front of the study and large scale version of “Up from the Pier, Gola” in my old Swansea studio

13 thoughts on “On the cover – Eugene Vesey

  1. Brilliant back cover and your photo. 🙂 Since I’m from ex-Yugoslavia, I swear we are not all the same. 😀

    1. I am sure that you are a varied bunch of people (just like anywhere else)!!

  2. Congratulations Emma. Wonderful news.

    1. Thank you Janet – it’s a bonus that I’m enjoying the story too.

  3. It’s q gorgeous use of the painting.

    1. Thank you, Ellen. Most of the action in the book takes place in London (which people mostly know what it looks like), but I think its great to illustrate where the Honeymoon takes place and how different it is from urban Britain.

  4. Congratulations it looks wonderful on the book cover!

    1. Thank you, Alli. As I make my way through the book, I realise very little of it is set on Gola, so its a great compliment my painting is on the back cover!

  5. Well done, Emma. Your painting is perfect for the cover.

  6. Oh wow, congratulations.

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