The Road by the Loch, Ireland

A while back I came across a quote on the internet that has stuck in my mind:- “If I knew the world was to end tomorrow, I would still plant an apple tree today.” I was quite struck by this sentiment, especially in the light of current events. I could not remember who said it. So I did some research. I was intrigued by what I discovered online. I found a number of statements:-
  1. It was originally said by Martin Luther, a 16th century German monk yoJyC
  2. It was originally said by Martin Luther King Jnr, the 20th century African-American Civil Rights Campaigner. NzGsK
  3. It wasn’t said by 1) or 2)!
This puts me in mind of one of my favourite internet memes by that teller-of-truth Abe Lincoln… Lincoln-quote-internet-hoax-fake Just joking! The apple seed quote apparently originates in Nazi Germany in the 1930s, in the Protestant Confessing Church, which used it to inspire hope and perseverance during its opposition to the Nazi dictatorship. To be honest, it doesn’t matter who said or when (although there’s a lesson about taking things at face value there) because I like the sentiment. No matter how dreadful things seem, they will pass. Eventually. Here is my apple seed for this week.    

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  1. Everything indeed does pass….an excellent quote and a very beautiful painting. Makes me want to be right there. During times like this we artists are very fortunate. Used to being in lock down situations….as long as we have art materials, we can pretty much get through anything:). Janet

  2. And a very nice seed it is, too. I like the lovely movement throughout the piece. We are lucky, aren’t we? When the world is going berserk we can retreat to our studios and create a better world.

  3. Thank you for this apple seed. I hope it will survive and grow. But i share your feeling that we need to remain optimistic in an onslaught of dire news on many topics.

    • Thank you, Anne. It’s getting so that I just glance at the headlines, think “Yep, things are still really bad, getting worse” and then try and get on with my art!

  4. I love your apple seed too, Emma. I think as artists, in the broadest sense of the term, we have a duty and an ability to find the apple seeds, and to plant them wherever we can!

    • Yes, my husband likes to misrember Nietzsche: ” “Art is there to save us from reality” I looked up the quote – “We have art in order not to die of the truth. We have art so that we shall not die of reality.” I prefer my husband’s version.

  5. I can imagine Pastor Niemueller saying that in 1930s Germany when everything looked very dark indeed. I don’t think you can smother faith although some people lose it I know, but it keeps bubbling up again. Lots of parallels with today, getting worse before it gets better again, which it will. Yet another magnificent picture. The sun on those colours will surely be there tomorrow

    • Thank you David. Some very wise words there. I think the tunnel will be a long one. I am part of the “scared” 5%, I don’t think my mental health condition helps one bit. I have to keep painting to give myself a sense of normality and calm myself.

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