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Spring Newsletter 2021

Newsletter Cover

Here’s my spring newsletter which you will see is heavy on the visual and very light on the text!

Spring Newsletter 2021 Page 1
See more Gola paintings 


Spring Newsletter 2021 Page 2
See Large paintings 
Spring Newsletter 2021 Page 2
See  All Recently Sold Work 


See! That was easy to look at. If you wish to get regular (no more than once a month) updates about my work and news about exhibitions sign up here


11 thoughts on “Spring Newsletter 2021

  1. Strong paintings supported by confident drawing – well done

    1. Thnak you for your kind words, Richard

  2. These are beautiful paintings…and very calming. I like the abstractions which are formed by these gentle shapes.

  3. I am a fan of the minimalist approach. I always like the color in your work and this approach makes that stand out even more. That’s just my non-artists opinion!🤣

    1. I appreciate all comments from artists and non-artists alike, Leueen! Thank you.

  4. Aren’t a couple of those recent sales of your new triptych paintings? Anyway, congrats on all the sales. Homes everywhere are being beautified by your art…!

    1. Quite possibly, I am not sure which ones you mean (Tenby or Gola?) Thank you anyway for your kind words!

      1. Well, I’m not sure which area, but the last yellow block on this post – upper right and lower left paintings.

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