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Gola Staycation (2021)

Gola Staycation

Caravans tucked away on coastal inlets and islands are not an unsual sight in Donegal.  I am always impressed by their presence as there are no roads for lorries and it must have taken a good deal of effort and ingenuity to get it there. Getting to have a “Staycation” in 2021 amidst all the uncertainty of vaccine rolls out & third (or is it fourth?) waves looks like it will take an equal amount of effort! So instead join me in imagining the view from the static caravan’s wide window across the rugged terrain of Gola Island on this late spring morning.

Painting of caravan on Gola island, Donegal
Gola Staycation (2021) 100×65 cm

12 thoughts on “Gola Staycation (2021)

  1. a lovely place to find peace and beauty

  2. That’s a beautiful large painting!

  3. Excellent post….leaving me with a wild view in my sights.:)

    1. I am glad to hear that, Janet!

  4. My husband would see this and suggest we get a nice camper like the one in your photo and go for an adventure. Well not during the Pandemic but later perhaps.

    1. Ha! Ha! You have great big roads in North America so you can travel around in a big motorhome quite easily! They’d get stuck down an Irish or Welsh lane!

      1. We travelled 26,000 kilometers around Australia about 30 years ago when our kids were two and four and we did it in a Toyota truck with a campervan built onto the back of it. It probably would have fit down some of those lanes!

      2. That sounds like a great adventure!!

  5. This scene leaves me with a lot of questions! But I love the photo.

    1. What sort of questions, Pam??

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