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Summer Newsletter 2021

Here’s my summer newsletter. I am shutting up shop for a  month from 20th June to 20th July. All going well, we will be safely installed and open for business (online at least) in Donegal by mid-July. I am already longing to get back to my painting routine.  I can’t quite  believe that after being ground so long by my broken leg and the pandemic that we will actually move house/studio to another country by then. It’s a huge step!  Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly!

17 thoughts on “Summer Newsletter 2021

  1. enjoy your time, emma )

  2. “… painting … of walls and woodwork.” Sounds like as much fun as my painting (sealing) of our asphalt driveway for this past week. 😉

    1. Yes, its the sort of stuff usually avoid!!

  3. Best wishes for a move that is as stress free as possible@

    1. Thank you Leueen, it’s been pretty stressful today! I think we are just very tired and the clock is ticking!

  4. The move will be over before you know it Emma. Best wishes for a smooth transition into your new home base.

    1. Thank you, Pam. Its all very hectic at the moment!

  5. Will be awaiting posts from Donegal…hope all goes perfectly well!

  6. I’m sure it’s a good decision, when Your spirit captures Donegal you have to follow its guidance. We came her 7 years ago and despite today’s gloomy weather we are in seventh heaven Adh mor ☘️

    1. That’s good to hear Maureen, we certainly need Adh Mor!

  7. You actually should change the title to Spring/Summer Newsletter. With your leg and Covid this move is going to take a lot out of you while your still recuperating! So that time schedule may need to be revised?
    I’m sure you’ll hit the beach maybe not running but doing a fantastic hop and drag dance!

    1. You are probably right, Wayne!

      1. all this upheaval will be good in the end for you Emma. I bet it’ll help expend your creative horizons!
        creativity always demands BST (blood,sweat and tears)

      2. Yes, I certainly need new horizons. Lovely though the Gower is, I need new challenges.

      3. cosmic irony in that statement Emma……..just like all the birds right now you are like a new born coming out of your Gower shell.

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