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On reflection…

Delighted to say I have just SOLD this giclee print of “A Tenby Reflection” via

This was one of my first oil paintings as a professional artist.  It is still very popular as a giclee print. You can buy direct from me here.

[wpecpp name=”Tenby Reflection Large Print” price=”45″ align=”left”]

Tenby Reflection
Tenby Reflection  Professional Quality Print signed mounted print


More Tenby prints

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First of Many!

I have just sold this mounted Giclee print to a lovely couple who run the excellent kiosk in Brynmill Park, Swansea  which also is the subject of this painting/print – they also kindly asked me to join them tomorrow on their stall by the kiosk, which is very kind of them. So if you would like a mounted print, greeting card or postcard depicting various parts of Brynmill, Uplands and Mumbles areas contact me and I can send you one in the post, free of charge!.


.nan and bampi

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My First Giclee Print!


My first Giclee print! “Hereford Red” The image on the right is more representative of the quality although there is a slight glare from the light streaming through the window – I will be offering all sizes of prints (although mainly A4 and A3) as well as cards etc These can be ordered and purchased via this facebook page. Simply send me a personal message of any image you would like, and size and I can print it for you. I will let you know it due time when I will be in a position to start this service to artlovers! Exciting – affordable quality art for all!



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Printing my Own Prints

This is an old post. I now sell prints via Artmajeur here

I have recently bought a professional printer, the Canon pro 100 pixma so that I can print all my own Giclee prints on the highest quality professional matte paper instead of canvas as I believe the quality of image to be superior and more durable. I will be selling these Giclee prints as they are or mounted with a back in due course and eventually with frames also! It is very exciting having the print process more in one’s own hands.


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Inner Light

Delighted to say I have just SOLD a Giclee print of this painting “Inner Light ” via Artfinder – also now on it’s way to the USA!

inner light


“This is another refractionist painting and is almost an inverse of “Up Cwmdonkin”. Instead of the refracted light creating a stain glass effect falling on the outside fringes of a wood, here it illuminates within the hidden chamber of a forest, which gives it a heightened, magical or enchanted feel. It feels like a secret wood of childhood fantasy and imagination. I like how the brillant rainbow colours contrast with the jet black and how the inner sanctum of light is framed naturally by the surrounding trees, inviting one into the shower of light and colour. But is this scene too good to be true? Is there a Brothers Grimm malevolence here, in this painting? Do the black trees signal a menace, a foreboding or do these encircling trees call one into a place of wonder and a child-like joy, where the light and colour, silence and peace rain down and let the soul rejoice? Or is it a broody chimera? Depends on your own imagination I suppose?”


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In the Light Refracted

Delighted to say I have just SOLD a Giclee print of this painting “In the Light Refracted” via Artfinder – now on it’s way to the USA 🙂

the light refracted


“This ‘refractionist’ work sees the light broken down into light filled colour segments. The foreground dark reds are juxtaposed against the light-singed orange and lushy leafy greens to suggest a green distant solace from the scorching heat, with the darker blues suggesting a progressively deepened experience of this respite and solace from the sun’s baking rays. Thus we see a transition from scarlety red via the purply blue path through the burnished, charred-edged oranges and fruity greens to the darker recesses of the oil ink blues like a colour spectrum from hot to cool. Again another use of the refractionist motif. Not only are my paintings often refractionist in terms of e.g. light coming through materials as through tree leaves, shedding light ‘stain glass-like’ but in this case symbolising a progression of temperature and the experience of this variation in heat. The rich boiling bloody reds in the foreground also contrast to the purply blue colours of the path. This spreading of light across these different temperature textures also has a ‘lava lamp’ effect’ as if the oily colours slide across the canvas. The path’s purply blues suggests a transition, a comfortable inviting passage to the cooling shade of the far trees. The far ice cool blue contrasts from the initial, foreground liquidly purples, which in their calm serenity suggest relief from the distress of the exasperated, bad tempered heat.”

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Quality Controlling my Artwork



I work very closely with my printer Redcliffe Imaging of Bristol to make sure that the Giclee print reproductions of my original oil paintings are as close to the original work as possible, that the colours are accurate and the light has as much verisimilitude as possible. This process involves Redcliffe sending me hard proofs of the potential Giclees on a very high quality 390gsm white, poly-cotton canvas “proof” before I give them the “go ahead” to print the Giclees that I think most accurately reproduce the quality of the original oil paintings. If the proof is not close enough to the original artwork I send it back until it is. Fortunately, Redcliffe Imaging are excellent and there is rarely a need to send proofs to and fro. This is all negotiated before I put this artwork in my Artfinder Shop for sale to artlovers.

This quality control is essential as I pride myself on the quality of my Giclees and my artwork generally. The Giclee canvas I use, Hahnemuhle Leonardo Canvas, are quite expensive compared to printing on paper and other materials but for me the extra expense is required, it is essential. I find Giclees printed on paper lose much of their lustre, the colours are muted and the light loses it’s brilliance. It thus does not reflect the brillance of my artwork and is thus unacceptable for me. I want artlovers who purchase my artwork to have practically the same pleasure as I do when I first complete and look on a recent oil painting.

It is an additional pleasure for me when artlovers frequently message me to say how much they love their Giclees, how they are pleasantly surprised by the quality of the prints, the brillance of the colours and light. Quality art at affordable prices is my passion.